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40 Plus Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

40 Plus Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

We decided to create a list of some of our favorite blogs that we have found across on the world wide web.  Whether it’s fashion,travel, DIY or just blogging about aging and everyday life, these lovely blogs caught our eye.  They are interesting, funny, talented, entertaining and have an abundance of style, beauty and life tips.  Some we just enjoy reading for entertainment, others we love to follow their helpful fashion tips and style and every now and then their DIY projects that we love to try ourselves.

Burgundy for the 50's 60's & 70's Jodie's Touch of Style
Jodie’s Touch of Style

First on our list is Jodie’s Touch of Style.  Jodie’s blog is a great resource of styling tips for those in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  She creates different looks using trending items that are appropriate for each age group.  She includes pictures of each age group model and even close ups of accessories that she has paired with each outfit.  Jodie offers a variety of services to help you get organized and styled just right.

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Our next pick is a version of The Huffington Post, Huff/Post50 is a blog about aging gracefully, life lessons and so much more.  This blog has it all from articles about healthy living for boomers to book reviews, art, travel, retirement, parenting, love, featured fiction, poetry and the list goes on and on.  If not careful one can spend hours on this blog finding something new with each click.  If you love to write but have never posted your stories out for the public eye, the Huff/Post50 has a section where you can submit your fiction stories.  I realize that this isn’t your typical fashion blog, however they do cover fashion from time to time.

makeup obsessed mom
Makeup Obsessed Mom

What woman doesn’t like make-up?  This blog is all about beauty products.  Let Stacie do the research, don’t waste time and money testing or trying different beauty products you are not sure fit your style or go with your skin tone.  Makeup Obsessed Mom is the perfect blog to find out if that skincare product or hair care item is worth all the hype.   Stacie posts consists of beauty deals to product reviews, beauty tips, fitness and even holiday gift guides.

This next blog is one of my absolute favorites.  Fifty, not Frumpy‘s Susan Street has absolutely wonderful taste and style.  She has taken her very own fashion and style frustrations and created this blog to help others in similar situations.  Her outfit ideas are both cute and trendy yet also classy and age appropriate for the 50+ woman.   Susan also gives a few tips about healthy eating, what her exercise routine looks like and beauty routines after 50.

Cyndi Spivey - 40 plus fashion blog
Cyndi Spivey

Grace + Beauty  is a fashion and beauty blog for women over 40 which also encourages women to live a healthier lifestyle via essential oils.  Cyndi’s motto is “Inspiring women to be beautiful from the inside out.”, and we couldn’t agree more.  Her “What I Wore” section is full of outfit ideas and styles that anyone can achieve.  She not only covers matters of the outward appearance, she also discusses matters of the heart and soul.

For a lot of women, fashion can be intimidating.  No Fear of Fashion blog says it all within their name.  Greetje, from Amsterdam, proves that being over 50 doesn’t mean you have to be fearful of new fashion trends.  Embrace them, make them your own and be bold.  Fashion should be fun at any age and Greetje sure does look like she is having a blast with it.  We love her use of bright and bold colors and patterns.  Take a look at her great outfit gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

40+Style blog is full of many style inspirations and is somewhat of a 40+ style 101.  Sylvia features her style course to help you get started on the right path to your style after 40.  There is also a section where she lists some of her favorite places to shop and find those fab shoes, clothing, jewelry and beauty products.   Our favorite feature on this blog is found under the “How to Dress After 40” tab, dressing for your body type.  Not all women are the same.  Each one of us has a different body structure and type.  This is an easy way to get started on the best type of clothing that will flatter your figure.

whosaprettygirl 40 plus fashion blog

What do we love more than fashion?  Finding it at a great price!  Who’s A Pretty Girl does just that and that’s why we added this blog to our list.  Darlene introduces you to high-end boutique fashion for less than half the cost.  Her label hunting guide is a great way to start adding great pieces to your wardrobe.  Keep in mind that every thrift store is different and all hold different clothing brands and prices, however you can really find some great looks without breaking your bank!

This next blog isn’t necessarily all about fashion, however they do cover the topic every now and then.  Trend Hunter – Seniors covers a variety of topics and while yes, some of their fashion articles and picture may be something most “everyday” seniors would not wear, they are still fun to read and look at.  Fashion should be fun and this site surely fits the fun part.

Our final blog pick is Midlife Blvd, last but definitely not least.  This blog has more to offer than just style and fashion tips, this group of columnist cover all sorts of topics that affect women everyday.     From social media to healthy living and women’s sexual health.  This group covers it all.    One article that really caught our eye is one that all aging women can relate to on some level.  Why Midlife Women Give Up on Looking Good, reading this article gives us a push to see that just because we are aging, it doesn’t mean that we have to sit back and become invisible.  We are as young as we feel.  Of course there are some looks a twenty something can only pull off, but we are still here and able to wear what’s trendy and look fabulous in it!

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