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7 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks

7 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks

Now that Christmas is over and you now have more stuff to organize, what better way to get a jump start on your spring cleaning than by using what you already have to get organized.  Here are 7 brilliant ways to re-purpose, sort, store and tidy up all your stuff.

Organize Your Cords – Use toilet paper rolls and washi tape to create a tangle free way to store all of your cords and chargers.  Best part about doing this is that you can label each one and know exactly which electronic device it goes to.  Perfect way to know which phone charger will charge your current cell phone.

Our Thrifty Ideas: Organize and decorate your cords with Washi Tape

via Our Thrifty Ideas 

Up-cycle Cans and Tins – During the holidays I’m sure you were given some sort of baked goods in a tin or you saw them on sale after Christmas and bought yourself a treat.  Instead of throwing out the tins or cans, clean them out, hot glue some cute scrapbook paper on them (maybe even some ribbon), and use them to store your art supplies, pastas, batteries, pens and other small knickknacks you may have in your junk drawer.


via Better Homes and Gardens

Cord Holder – This has to be the easiest way to keep track of all your cords at the office.  Use a few of the jumbo binder clips on the edge of your desk and place the end of your phone charger on the metal piece.  This will save you time from having to search through the tangled cords under your desk.

Office in a Chest – This brilliant and attractive way to use a trunk or chest to store your files and also use it as a seating option for your home office is one of our favorite ideas.  Easy access to all your office files hidden inside a nice chest will keep the top of your desk clean from clutter and your files will stay neat and organized inside.

Office in a Chest

via Martha Stewart

Magnetic Bathroom Rack – We’ve all seen those neat magnetic knife racks in kitchens right?  Well why not use that same magnetic rack in your bathroom to keep all your grooming tools in place and in sight?  Ladies we can all use an easy way to keep track of those bobby pins am I right?  I swear I loose hundreds of them every year.


via Darkroom & Dearly 

Jewelry Board –  A jewelry board is a great way to keep all your accessories organized and keep them in an easy to find spot.  Best thing about it is that you can customize it to fit your needs.  So if you have more stud earrings than dangle ones, then you might want to add more bowls or cups for your studs.

Finished Jewelry Board by Whippy Cake

via Whippy Cake 

Plastic Lid Organizer –  We all have some sort of tupperware or plastic ware in our kitchen cabinets.  Keeping those lids and containers organized can be a hassle and a chore.   Use an empty box of cereal to store those lids and make them easy to find for when you need them.  Just to make them look a bit nicer, you could use some scrapbook paper with a cute pattern and wrap the boxes.

via Unorganized Mommy 

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