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15 Bra Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Bras can be tricky. They are expensive and if they don’t fit right, it can be upsetting.  We are all guilty of wearing an ill fitted bra at some point or another.  Many women go through life without realizing that they are wearing the wrong size.  Whether you have recently lost weight and have not bought a new bra or two, or you just have never truly known your true size, here are some hacks that you need to know about your bra.

Too Small – If the center of the bra is not touching your sternum, it is too small for you.  You may also need to change your cup size.

Bra Storage – Storing your bras can make all the difference in the longevity of your bra.  You should never store them folded in half with the cups tucked into each other.  Try storing them on hangers or flat inside a drawer.  This should keep those cups in tack to supply your chest support.

Hooks – Each bra should be worn to hook onto the farthest out.

Salad Spinner – Never dry your bra in a dryer.  It is best to air dry or you can use a salad spinner to spin dry your bra without adding heat.

Lacy and Sheer Tops – These tops are clingy to your body, therefore a front-closing clasp bra is the way to go.  This is the best way to avoid your bra hooks from snagging your shirts in the back.

Riding Up – If your bra rides up on you, you are wearing the wrong size.  It is best to get fitted and try on the bra to ensure a good fit.

Home-made Racer-back – If you are in need of a racer-back bra and you do not have one, use a paperclip to make one.  Connect the straps with the paper clip and instantly you’ll have a racer-back bra.

Poking Wires – There’s nothing more annoying than having the under-wires of your favorite bra poke you.  Give yourself a little more time to replace your bra by using moleskin tape.  Place the tape over the hole and stop your bra from consistently poking you throughout the day.

Pillowcase Washing – To keep your bras looking like new, try using a pillowcase when placing them in the washer to wash.

Strapless – Wearing a backless dress?  Don’t have a strapless bra?  You can make a built in bra by simple sewing in the front part of the bra into the dress.  Make sure to cut off the rest of the bra to avoid a peek-a-boo incident.

Safety Pins – Safety pins and bras can be a great solution.  Instead of showing your bra straps, use a safety pin to attache the straps to your shirt.  No more showing straps.

Sports Bras – For extra or better support, try using two cups within the pockets.  This provides better support and comfort.

Shower Wash – What is a shower wash?  After you work out, wash your sports bra while you shower.  Washing the bra in the shower will put less wear on your bra than a washing machine.  This will prolong the life of your sports bra.

Shoulder Marks – Is your bra digging into your shoulders?  Time for a new bra, this means the bra band has lost its grip and the straps are doing all the work.

Lasting Longer – Many of us tend to wear the same bra day in and day out, try rotating your bras.  Buy a few great fitting bras and put them in a “one day on, two days off” rotation.  It’ll give them a rest in between wears and make them last longer.

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