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Capes and Ponchos

Capes and Ponchos

Capes and Ponchos

Whether you call them capes, ponchos or ruanas, these clothing pieces are certainly perfect for any age group. Of course you can wear them as a coat or wrap over your outfit; however, they can also be your topping piece as part of your ensemble. If you loved wearing a kimono in the warmer months, then you’ll certainly enjoy the poncho. It’s really just a non structured cardigan or pullover depending on the type you buy. Many of us already have this item in our closet from years ago. If so, pull it out and put it on!

For a Casual Event

Capes & Ponchos for the 50, 60 & 70 year old women
Capes/Ponchos for a casual event
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Of course we think of a casual day as one including possibly jeans, flats and/or leggings. In the example above, all of our ponchos are cardigan-like and thus can be left open or pulled together.

The 50’s age group picture is paired with plaid leggings. If you love your leggings, but always want to be more covered up—the longer ponchos are a perfect fit. The poncho got belted here to keep it in place and shorten it a little.

The 60’s age group picture shows the poncho as a great way to add interest to a basic turtleneck and jeans outfit. This poncho has sleeves built into it and thus tends to stay in place easier. We added a scarf for extra fun.

The 70’s age group example is a shorter cape and somewhat heavier material. We’ve switched out its brown belt for a leopard print sash to add print to the mix.

For all the details of these three outfits (with some closeup shots of the jewelry) visit the blog Capes/Ponchos: The Casual Version

The Appointment

Capes & Ponchos for the 50, 60 & 70 year old women.
Capes/Ponchos for an appointment


As most of us in the older age groups are retired, we don’t have to dress up for “work” on a daily basis. But we do go out into the world and need to present ourselves as the smart, beautiful women that we are. My belief is one quoted by Tom Ford which states that “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” So when you are getting ready for your plethora of appointments, make sure you’re echoing the surrounding of the place you are visiting. If it’s a professional locale, then by all means, dress professionally.

I’ve tried to show how these ponchos could be styled for such an engagement. Even if your poncho seems to be somewhat casual, you can easily pair it with trousers, heels and even a skirt.

One of the advantages of a poncho is the unstructured aspect of it. Therefore, it’s not clingy or tight. Most are also asymmetrical which is a great flattering aspect to any body.

The particulars of these three ensembles can be viewed on the blog Capes/Ponchos: The Appointment Version

For a Dressy Occasion

Capes & Ponchos for the 50, 60 & 70 year old women.
Capes/Ponchos for a Dressy Occasion


As we travel out in our Sunday best, we do need a covering for warmth in the colder months. Since you don’t want to don a windbreaker or ski parka over such fancy clothes, the poncho can be a fantastic covering.

Since many ponchos are basically big wraps, there can be many ways to close it over your clothing if you desire. Besides adding a belt, you could also tie the ends together or pin it in many different ways.

On account that this is the dressy version of the capes/ponchos, I paired them all with leg baring pieces.

Many of the modern ponchos are embellished with fringes on the ends. If, by chance, you don’t like this aspect of the piece, the fringe can easily be removed.

Details of these three outfits can be viewed on the blog Capes/Ponchos: The Dressy Version

If you are searching for a cape or poncho to purchase, I’ve showcased some inexpensive ones on each of the blog posts. The tan/brown one shown in the 50’s age group pictures was purchased at Charlotte Russe which is usually considered a younger woman’s store. However, it’s a good lesson that I’ve recently learned that one should not only shop in the perceived “appropriate” shops. There can be many great deals anywhere! This particular poncho I made reversible by removing the tag from the neck area and it was priced at under $20. The good thing about these pieces are they are available in many lengths, colors, weights and overall varieties.

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