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Cat Themed Gifts

Fun, Odd and Actually Affordable Cat Themed Gifts

27 PURRFECT Cat Themed Gifts

Cats; you see them everywhere. There are thousands upon thousands of videos, pictures, and games about them swirling around the internet, and their popularity continues to steadily rise. They’ve become such a strong trend, that you can find almost any product with a cat stitched, printed, or engraved on it, and the following list shows you just how many weird and wonderful things you can buy with cats on them.  We’ve put together a list of PURRFECT Cat Themed Gifts!  There’s a link under each product to it’s retailer if you see something you can’t live without, so you don’t have to go scouring the internet for it. Hope you enjoy this compilation of all things cat themed!

1. Not Leopard Print


Source: Amazon

Look no further than this adorable scarf for your new favorite accessory.

2. Measure It


Source: Amazon

These fun and funky kitchen utensils are sure to make your baking taste twice as sweet!

3. Your Cup Of Tea70b482b6b3db12ff81d672d38dbc5d5e

Source: ModCloth

This charming tea set is perfect for sharing an afternoon with a friend, or just enjoying some time alone.

Cat Book4. Tick-Tock


Source: Amazon

This Kit-Kat clock would make the perfect gift for the cat fanatic in your life. The eyes move back and forth along with the tail, just like classic models.

5. Chop Chop


Source: Yesstyle 

These cute little buddies will hold your chopsticks and also a special place in your heart.

6. Kisa Cat Candle

kisa cat candle

You like cats and you like candles?!  Purrfect because this is the perfect combination of both anddd it comes with a surprise in the middle!

Source: Kisa Cat Candle

7. Hipster Cat Towel


Source: Open Sky

This quirky beach towel is a surefire way to spark conversation. If normal cats don’t like water, does that mean a hipster cat does . . .?

8. Lucky Cat

Cat Waving

Source: Amazon

This cute little iron-on badge will wave it’s way right into your heart. Put it on a shirt or bag for best results.

9. Ying & Yang


Source: UncommonGoods

These adorable Ying & Yang pillows perfectly sum up the relationship between cat and owner, and make the perfect accent for a couch or bed.

10. All Dolled Up


Source: ModCloth

Dresses are cute, and so are cats. What do you get when you put them together? An extra cute ensemble that’s sure to attract attention and turn heads.

 11. Time For Tea


Source: Sur La Table

Now here’s a unique way to steep your tea! This little guy hooks on to the edge of your cup and will take the cuteness levels of your mug up 100%.

12. Cat Terrarium?

Source: Shoptiques

This kit lets you build your own terrarium, AND put a cat in it. What more could you want from life?

13. Sneaky Slippers


Source: ModCloth

These relaxed flats are (p)awesome, and would be perfect with a cardigan or the mint, cat-print sundress from a few pages back.

14. Catnip Fortune Cookies

catnip fortune cookies

I can not explain how AWESOME I think this gift would be.  I would gladly take this gift and give it to my cats if someone would like to buy it for me!

Source: Catnip Fortune Cookies

15. A Mug And Art


Source: Anthropologie

This adorable mug is covered in sketches by Leah Goren, and it’s certainly a work of art. It’s perfect for your morning cup of coffee or tea.

16. Gimme A Paw . . .



Source: ModCloth

This desk buddy is fun and functional! It keeps your hands free to accomplish other tasks, but also allows you to take calls, listen to music, or even just browse the web.

17. . . . Or Two


Source: Amazon

You’ll seriously have the cutest desk in history if you pair this adorable little guy with the kitty from the last page.

18. Sparkle And Shine


Source: OpenSky

This sparkly sweater would be perfect with some leggings and a pair of boots. Spice it up with a scarf, and you have a full outfit!

19. Cat Clutch


Source: ModCloth

This chic clutch is just classy enough that you can pair it with formal wear. Remember, sometimes less is more.

20. Cat & Kitten


Source: Amazon

This mug comes with a little kitten shaped spoon so you can stir your milk and sugar in to your tea or coffee.

21. Black Cat Appeal


Source: Neiman Marcus

If you’ve made it this far down the list, we know you’re a cat person; there’s no need to hide it. These little black shoes can be dressed up or down, and since they’re black they match with almost anything.

22. There’s Something Fishy Going On Here


Source: Amazon

This cute little kitty cat collects your change for you! Put a coin on the tray, and your friend will pop up and pull your change back into his box with him.

23. Time’s Up!


Source: Amazon

Timers are okay, but cat timers are great! This timer is quirky, functional, and the perfect accent piece for your kitchen.

24. Cozy Kitties


Source: Amazon

Keep your feet worm and comfy with these cute kitten socks. They come in a set of four, so share them with your friends or keep them all for yourself.

25. Soft & Sweet


Source: Mod Cloth

These kitty lights are the perfect accent piece for a bedroom. The soft, blue lighting gives off a cozy vibe, and they’re great for late-night reading.

26. Comfy, Cozy


Source: Suddenly Cat

When your paws need a rest, slip into these comfy slippers. Comfy, fuzzy, and oh so soft, these house shoes are just what every cat lover needs.

27. Take  A Cat Nap

cat themed pajamas

Source: Amazon

These cozy pajamas are cute as a button. Buy some for yourself, or grab a pair for a friend.

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