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Are We Programmed to Overeat in the Winter?

programmed to overeat in the winter

Packing on body fat was an evolutionary survival strategy, researchers say I guess it’s true what everyone says about gaining more weight during the winter season. We all tend to join in on all the merriment of the holidays and many times we don’t realize that we are packing on …

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Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Diet

Anti-Aging Foods

From your brain to your bones, what you eat matters. So help yourself to some age-defying foods.  Here are a few of the best foods for an anti-aging diet that we have found. “What you eat makes a huge difference in how you age and how you feel,” dietitian Manuel …

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5 Fitness Hacks to Use Before The New Year

5 Fitness Hacks

So you’re determined to stay fit despite the season for holiday feasting? Good for you! Franci Cohen, a NYC certified fitness trainer, nutritionist and exercise physiologist has the tips you need. The gym guru provided her take on how to hack your way to better fitness before New Year’s! Why …

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How Alzheimer’s Impacts Men and Women Differently

How Alzheimer's Impacts Men and Women Differently

  Alzheimer’s is a disease that shows no mercy regardless of gender; the memory-robbing, ability-affecting, independence-stealing brain disorder is devastating whether you are male or female. However, researchers have found a few interesting differences between the sexes when it comes to how Alzheimer’s unfolds in their brains and bodies: In …

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Senior Diets: Balance Is Key

Senior Diets - Balance is Key

  Over time, people change. A child of five has a different mind and body than a child of fifteen. A man of thirty is still different than a teenager, a man of forty different than his younger counterpart, and a man of eighty entirely separate from any of the …

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