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DIY Water Candles

DIY Water Candles

If you are looking for new and creative ways to set the mood this Valentine’s Day.  Try making these neat water candles by DIY Bama.  I ran across this video online the other day and I thought this would be a great and creative way to add lighting to my Valentine’s Day dinner table this year.  You can add any color(s) you like and any type of stone, marbles, or small knickknack that fits into a small glass jar or glass.  Just make sure that the item you add to the jar does not float up to the top.  You can even reuse (up-cycle) those used up candle jars that you may have laying around the house.  I would even add a scented oil to give it that extra wow factor.  The video shows a lighter hue of red and blue, I would add more food coloring to make the colors a bit darker. See the video below for a visual how to make these water candles.

Supplies Needed:
1.Glass cup
3.Lamp oil (or cooking oil)
4.Candle wick
8.Transparent sheet
9.Food coloring (optional)
10.Marbles or small stones

1.Draw a circle on a transparent sheet and make a hole in the centre
2.Cut the circle out
3.Thread the transparent sheet with wick
4.Cut the extra wick
5.Use the tape to fix the wick
6.Add some marbles into the glass cup
7.Pour the water into the glass cup
8.Add some lamp oil into the glass cup
9.Put the wick on the top
10.Fire the wick, complete!!

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