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Let’s face it, we all want to look good. Fashionable is on purpose. With a bit of knowledge about fashion after 40, you will find a style that fits your personality. Very few women can wear the clothes of a twenty year old and get away with it. Once you hit the big 4-0, you shift your view about many things. Of course if it was sudden, we would notice it right off. Instead, your attitude slowly evolves with maturity. It’s a cycle and some of us will go kicking and screaming and some quietly, accepting that cycle of life.

Being forty plus years old is a wonderful. You have lived half your life almost and know what you want. That goes for fashion also. Career women and domestic engineers (stay at home moms) still want to have that fashion statement. Am I right?

professionally dressed women


Working in the office, you will stay closer to the trending fashion market, as you must dress for work. Women who stay at home, work with different levels of fashion. You need to look good even in the carpool line picking up kids or grand-kids. Many studies have been done over they years reminding us that we feel better about ourselves if we dress up. You can look great in a pair of bluejeans and a tee shirt with a casual jacket.

Whether you accept it or not, we are role models for younger generations. Embrace who you are and your age. There is but one of you, and you can embark on the adventure of looking great at your age. You are beautiful before 40, you are certainly beautiful after 40+. True beauty comes from the inside out.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, everyone has a different body shape.  What’s your body shape? Listed are some guide-lines to determine your body shape. This will help you select flattering clothing items that make all the difference.fashion forward

Inverted Triangle – bust are large, hips are small, shoulders are wider than hips
Hourglass – has a small waist and tends to be the same size in the hips and bust
Pear – hips are wider than the shoulder, bust is smaller
Apple – has no defined waist, stomach is larger
Full bodied – curvy, but not necessarily “fat”
Rectangle – no defined waist, hips and shoulders are almost the same, does not have curves

The almighty full skirt. Can be flattering to both small or large women. Knowing the shape of the skirt will drape complementary to shape your hips. A blouse and a great belt continues the fashion. A full skirt can be a look of casual with flat shoes or boots. Place two inch heels on and a dressy blouse and belt turns this look into a dressed up look.

With an inverted triangle shape you want to draw attention away from broad shoulders or large bust and accent your lower body. Creating vertical lines of sort, by wearing V-neck tops. The open necklines and collars compliment the upper body. Soft textures soften the shoulder line. Wearing an A-line or full skirt balances the look. Bold textures on the bottom will create a better balance. Wearing eye catching shoes not only complements the outfit but you will achieve that vertical line. With attractive shoes, a great handbag or belt are a fun addition and can elevate your look.shoes

Shoes can be your BFF – (Best Friend Forever) Heels look great with a pair of blue jeans as no other accessory. Small heels are great for that professional look and flats are a tried and true favorite. They can go with almost any outfit, so have several pairs for that quick fix when high heels just won’t do. Not only can they be beautiful, they are so versatile and allow you to be on your feet a lot longer.

Make it fun finding your unique style by taking it to the next level. You will feel more confident, attractive and of course fashionable. Keep in mind that you may be 40+ but you don’t have to look 40+.  The goal is to keep your style even after 40 and do it with class.

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