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Fur Jackets – Jodie’s Touch of Style

Fur Jackets – Jodie’s Touch of Style

Fur has gotten some bad rap in the last decade or so, but it’s now making a comeback in the faux variety! The faux fur element may not be as soft as the real version, but it makes the animal right activists happy and it’s easier on your wallet. The other advantage of faux fur is the assortment of colors—I haven’t seen a pink bunny in real life, but I have seen a pink faux fur infinity scarf. Especially in these colder months, fur anything is a wonderful addition to your outfit. For this installment, I used a mixture of fur pieces. The 50’s model has a fur trimmed blazer, the 60’s model has a fur vest and the 70’s model has a fur scarf. We’ll style these same three pieces in three different ways.

For a Casual Occasion

Fur for women in their 50's. 60's. & 70's.
Fur for a Casual Occasion

Even though most of us in the boomer ages would consider a fur embellishment or item more dressy, the rules have changed. Therefore, it’s perfectly appropriate to wear it any day! To make these outfits seem more everyday, I styled them with jeans…white jeans (remember, you can wear white after Labor Day), grey jeans and a blue print jean.

The 50’s age group blazer’s fur trim is actually removable. This makes the piece so much more versatile. It’s styled with a Under Armour turtleneck for warmth.

The 60’s age group fur vest was layered with a jacket underneath and then a tank top under that. The bright tank was used to add some pop of color to the mix.

The 70’s age group fur scarf was pinned in the back and acts like a necklace over the turtleneck sweater. We added color with her earrings and bracelets.

For all the details of these three outfits (with some closeup shots of the jewelry) visit the blog: Fur: The Casual Version

For a Dressy Occasion

Fur for women in their 50's. 60's. & 70's.
Fur for a Dressy Occasion

Going out for a more formal event is a perfect, no brainer way to wear your fur items. Since your definition of dressy may vary, I incorporated both pants and dresses in this discussion.

The 50’s age group model wore her OTK (over the knee) boots with a sweater dress to help keep out the cold. Adding a belt to her blazer is a great way to incorporate another color in a small dose.

The 60’s age group model threw the vest over her fitted dress for the evening out. A longer vest is a nice way to cover up any lumps or bumps you’re trying to hide. And these ankle boots are great for the shorter in stature due to the opening down the front of the foot.

The 70’s age group model used her scarf to fill in the neckline of a v-neck cardigan sweater. She wore dressy black pants and pumps to add some elegance to the outfit.

Details of these three outfits can be viewed on the blog: Fur: The Dressy Version

For a Smart Event

Fur for women in their 50's. 60's. & 70's.
Fur for a Smart Occasion

One of the goals of my blog is to get us to wear what we have in our closet. And even though many of us “categorize” our pieces of clothing and wear them for only the occasion for which we bought them—I’m here to try to stretch that thinking. Most faux fur items can be appropriate for many moments of your life, and if it’s already in your possession, why not get some good use out of it?

The 50’s age group model paired the blazer with a button-down oxford and trousers. The orange tipped pumps (and the necklace) add a little much needed color to the overall outfit.

The 60’s age group model wore her white blouse with a bright red belt over the blouse, yet under the vest. We copied this color also in her necklace.

The 70’s age group model left her scarf open to make it appear as part of her blazer. We belted her blazer for a little more waist shaping, and left the outfit more muted.

The particulars of these three ensembles can be viewed on the blog: Fur: The Appointment Version

These are only a couple examples of how you could wear your fur this winter. I’ve found some women even have real fur pieces in their closet that have been passed down through the generations. Many of these items can be altered or changed into something appropriate to wear in this day and age. Recycling clothing is one of the best ways to help the environment and yet still have it be serviceable. You may have also noticed how many faux fur vests are being worn by the younger generations. This is definitely an ageless item, so if you like them, go get one! Many are relatively inexpensive, and I hope I’ve shown how versatile they can be.

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